• Exhaustion Relief Massage Oil

    Embrace a reinvigorating experience with our Exhaustion Relief Massage Oil, meticulously formulated to provide relaxation and rejuvenation, helping to alleviate the impact of fatigue and exhaustion.



    • Supports relaxation and rejuvenation.
    • Formulated with Vetiver, Frankincense, Bergamot, and more.
    • Enriched with the goodness of Black Seed Oil and Evening Primrose.



    1. Vetiver Essential Oil: Promotes relaxation and mental clarity.
    2. Frankincense Essential Oil: Supports rejuvenation and mental well-being.
    3. Bergamot Essential Oil: Aids in relaxation and uplifts the spirit.
    4. Marjoram Sweet Essential Oil: Known for its soothing properties.
    5. Clary Sage Essential Oil: Supports relaxation and emotional balance.
    6. Chamomile Roman Essential Oil: Promotes relaxation and calm.
    7. Sugandh Bala Essential Oil: Adds to the overall soothing experience.
    8. Black Seed Oil: Enriches the oil with additional wellness benefits.
    9. Evening Primrose Oil: Adds to the nourishing and revitalizing properties.


    Direction of Use

    1. Dispense a small amount of the oil into your palm.
    2. Warm the oil by rubbing your hands together.
    3. Gently massage the oil onto the Back and Solar plexus.
    4. Use it every night for relaxation, rejuvenation and good Sleep..
    5. 5. For Good results use it regularly every night.
    480.00500.00 (MRP INCLUSIVE OF ALL TAXES)

    Exhaustion Relief Massage Oil

    480.00500.00 (MRP INCLUSIVE OF ALL TAXES)

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